Current Members of the Dahl Lab

Robyn Mieko Dahl

Hi! I am a paleobiologist, science educator and Assistant Professor of Geology & Science Education at Western Washington University. At WWU, I am part of both the Geology Department and the Science Math & Technology Education (SMATE) Program.

My current paleontology research projects are focused on the paleoecology of Late Pleistocene nearshore marine ecosystems preserved in and around western Washington. Past research projects of mine have focused on the paleoecology of marine gastropods from the Ordovician Period. I'm interested in deciphering the role that gastropods played in these early marine ecosystems, and how those roles may have influenced gastropod evolution throughout the Paleozoic. I'm also interested in issues of taphonomy. I have also worked on a longterm experimental taphonomy project examining rates of decay on mollusk shells placed in various depositional environments in the Gulf of Mexico and that interest has stayed with me as my research moved in the Early Paleozoic. I'm interested in how the extremely poor preservation of Paleozoic gastropod shells may have biased our understanding of gastropod evolution.

In addition to paleontology, I also conduct geoscience education research (GER). My GER interests generally center around increasing the recruitment and retention of minoritized geoscientists. I am currently part of an NSF:GEOPATHS project at UC Riverside that is focused on improving critical educational transitions (from institution to institution) for geoscience students.

At WWU, I am a member of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee and participate in FOCUS (Faculty of Color United in STEM) and the Out in STEM club.

I currently serve as Chair of the Geoscience Education Division of the Geological Society of America, and am a member of the Geoscience Education Research Division of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers and the Paleontological Society's Diversity & Inclusion Committee.


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